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Custom Jewel Tone Watercolor Bat Mitzvah Invitations

We worked with Toni at The Write Image to create these magical Bat Mitzvah invitations for Sophia. The set featured a range of rich. watercolor jewel tones in rich shades of deep purple, emerald, and royal blue. Gold matte and indigo shine foil stamping added a luxurious shine to the invitation suite, which included flat social notes, transportation cards, reply cards and party cards. Embellishments like coordinating custom envelope liners and indigo shine foil edging were added to complete the look.

Custom jewel tone watercolor bat mitzvah invitations Custom jewel tone watercolor bat mitzvah invitations Custom Bat Mitzvah invitations from Smock

foil color: gold matte + indigo shine | letterpress ink colors: royale + orchid | digital ink color: CMYK process | fonts: Hutton + Percy | paper: 1-ply white bamboo + duplexed 2-ply white bamboo | size: S-8SQ + S-6SQ + S-5SQ + 5.25 x 5.25 + S-6 | foil edge: indigo shine | envelope liner: custom watercolor 3 | customization #30852 | The Write Image