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The 2013 Smock Holiday Collection is here! Save $50 on all custom orders now through 12/10

Our 2013 holiday collection has arrived! Combine any of our printing methods (digital printing, letterpress printing, foil stamping, and blind embossing) to create jaw-dropping, custom holiday photo cardsCustomize your holiday cards by changing the inks, fonts, motifs, and more on any of our existing designs to make them your own, then add in some of our popular embellishments (die-cuts! foil edging! patterned envelope liners!) to create the most wow-worthy Christmas (or Hanukkah! or New Year’s!) cards ever. Plus, you’ll save $50 when you order by December 10, 2013! Take a look at our custom holiday cards or visit your local Smock dealer to get started on your order today!

Save $50 on Smock custom holiday cards when you order by December 10, 2013

Save $50 on custom holiday cards from Smock when you order by December 10, 2013! Save $50 on custom holiday cards from Smock when you order by December 10, 2013! Save $50 on custom holiday cards from Smock when you order by December 10, 2013! Save $50 on custom holiday cards from Smock when you order by December 10, 2013!

Vote for your favorite letterpress design and help the Earthworks No Dirty Gold Project!

How to vote: Visit and choose your favorite invitation design. Roll over the photo and click the “like” button that appears. That’s it!

Why vote: For every vote cast through April 12, 2012, we’ll donate $1 to Earthwork’s No Dirty Gold campaign (up to $500) to help put an end to dirty gold mining practices that are devastating the planet.

What happens with the winning design? The invitation design with the most votes will be the next Smock design of the month. From 4/14 – 5/14, all custom orders that feature the winning invitation design (wedding invitations, stationery, save the dates, you name it!) will be 10% off (or 15% off for orders with 6 or more pieces!). You can place your order with one of our amazing Smock custom dealers.

So why should you care about dirty gold mining practices? If you’re engaged, there’s a good chance  you’ve already got a ring with some gold in it (and you may be looking to purchase wedding bands soon, too). There are certain dirty mining practices that have really terrible impacts on the communities and the environment surrounding the mines – did you know?

  • The production of one gold ring generates 20 tons of mine waste.
  • The drinking water in mining communities often becomes contaminated, and mine drainage can also raise acid levels in rivers and lakes that can be harmful to wildlife and people.  Some mines even dispose of toxic waste in rivers, lakes, and oceans on a regular basis.
  • Some of the refining processes that are used in mines release chemicals that cause smog and acid rain.
  • Many gold mines create solid waste, too: by employing a process known as heap leaching, these mines drip a cyanide solution through high piles of ore. The solution strips away the gold, but a lot of waste is left over from the process (read: the waste from these sites can sometimes reach over 300 feet – which is nearly the height of a 30-story building!). Many of these heaps are often abandoned because they are too costly to dispose of properly.
  • Indigenous people around the world typically lose out when mining leases are granted. In rural communities, locals often become vulnerable to eviction without notice, meaningful compensation or an offer of equivalent lands in a new region because legal land titles aren’t always on hand (even if a family has occupied the same lands for generations).
  • Mining is a dangerous job: rock falls, tunnel collapses, fires, heat exhaustion, and other dangers claim the lives of over 15,000 miners every year, and while the profession only accounts for 1% of the world’s labor force, it accounts for 5% of on-the-job fatalities.

Wondering what you can do to help? It’s really easy to take action. Sign the Earthworks pledge today, and be sure to support retailers who are actively pursuing clean gold sources. If you choose to work with a retailer who’s not on that list (like Macy’s or Costco – the only two retailers in the top 10 list that haven’t committed to sourcing responsible gold) be sure to ask your jeweler about the source for the gold in your ring.  Other ways you can help:

  • Recycle old jewelry, and have old rings melted down to make new ones. Support jewelers that offer products made with recycled gold.
  • Buy vintage or antique jewelry.
  • Keep jewelry in your family and pass on to your children or grandchildren.

Presenting our Smock Design Winner Contest Plaques

Our latest Smock Design Contest was yet another success (THANK YOU!). We were so thrilled to see all the customizations, and the hard work from our lovely dealers certainly paid off! At this time we are pleased to show off the Smock Design Contest Winner Plaques! Designed by our talented in-house designer Lindsy Aragona, these stunning plaques are letterpressed in our rich ocean and azure inks on our 2-ply white bamboo paper.  The amazing Debi Zeinert adds her gorgeous touch of hand calligraphy. We gave these plaques to our top ten winners. Our next Smock Design Contest will be featured in 2012!

Smock at Kate’s Paperie in SoHo (Catch us while you can!)

Day two in our Kate’s Paperie adventures – today you can find us in SoHo (72 Spring Street) from 4pm to 8pm where we’ll once again be offering 25 free letterpress wedding invitation sets (when you purchase 75). Oh, and we’ll be there hanging out and helping you dream up lots of fabulous ideas for really gorgeous letterpress invitations, too. We can’t wait to see you so come on over and join in on the fun!

A Night with Brooklyn Bride

Have you heard about the Brooklyn Pop Up Wedding Series? Smock is proud to be a sponsor of this unique month-long event, which will culminate with one lucky couple winning a dream wedding styled by the editors of Martha Stewart Weddings! Other organizers include our friends at The Wedding Library, one of our favorite wedding bloggers, Vané of Brooklyn Bride, and the friendly folks of 303Grand.

On Saturday, June 13, Vané will be hosting a cool party featuring a raffle with some amazing prizes, with all proceeds benefiting the I Do Foundation, an organization that helps bride arrange charitable donations with nonprofit organizations. One of those prizes will be a set of 100 one or two color letterpress save the dates with printed envelopes or personalized stationery from Smock! If you’re in Brooklyn, make sure you’re there on Saturday night – the first 25 brides to show up will score incredible gift bags, too!

Brooklyn Bride - Pop Up Wedding Series

Want to be environmentally inspired? Check this out.

Polka Dot Bride is running a really cool contest with Smock: tell how you’re making your life more green, and you can win some Smock stationery. We love all the ideas people are posting about, but especially using herbs as centerpieces for a wedding or party — cool! Check it out here, and you have one day left to enter too….thanks to Polka Dot Bride for hosting the contest too. What fun!

Gift wrap + tree planting

Receive free gift wrapping (with our 100% post-consumer recycled gift wrap) + a free cute matching gift card with your message handwritten inside. All you need to do is purchase $25 from and then plant a tree during checkout ($1 donation to American Forests). Smock, by the way, always matches tree donations, so if you plant a tree, we’ll plant a tree too. This promotion begins now and goes until Dec. 25. Here are some autumn photos to get you in the mood, taken at our local neighborhood park one frosty morning when the light was lovely and bright and the trees were all aflame.
100% recycled gift wrap by Smock Letterpress
Eco gift wrap by Smock
100% recycled gift wrap by Smock

Smock letterpress cards in Lucky breaks

Smock letterpress cards Lucky Breaks
Check out the November 2008 issue of Lucky to see Smock’s Delft letterpress note cards. Lucky writes, “With the goal of creating stationery as eco-conscious as it is gorgeous, Smock makes paper from sustainable bamboo grown without pesticides in Thailand, that’s printed using vegetable oil-based inks. What’s more, the whole company is wind-powered and carbon-neutral.” Check out the magazine to get 25% off anything on our web site (wedding samples + anything in social — the discount doesn’t apply to our custom wedding invitations though).