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Our Bamboo Paper

Why bamboo? Bamboo is a truly sustainable and renewable resource. It’s the fastest growing plant on this planet; it grows without pesticides or fertilizers; and it requires very little water to grow. Bamboo also makes (hands down) the prettiest paper out there. We’re proud to say we were the first print shop in the U.S. to offer printing on a luxury bamboo paper. Today, we partner with a historic New England  paper mill to develop a pesticide-free, fertilizer-free, fine artisan paper just for us.

Our bamboo paper is extremely soft, luxuriously thick, and elegantly textured. It’s also perfect for letterpress. Essentially, imagine the highest quality cotton paper. Now imagine something even prettier and without the pesticides used in cotton production.

We consider bamboo to be a true wonder plant. Bamboo is harvestable in only 3 to 5 years (versus 10-20 years for most softwoods). Bamboo generates up to 35% more oxygen than hardwood trees, and absorbs 4 times as much carbon as hardwood. Bamboo can detoxify waste water and improve soil quality.